Tamika’s Story

Kori and I attended the same school for years and I can truly say she is one of the nicest people I’ve known! So, when Kori reached out to me and told me her mom’s story I LOST IT. I was so touched. Kori asked me to help her plan the surprise of a lifetime for her mother and I am so grateful to have been a part of it.

In October, Kori’s grandmother, Tamika’s mother, was cured of breast cancer! A few days later on October 18, 2016 Tamika was subsequently diagnosed with breast cancer. The cancer was already spreading at this point. During this emotional time, Tamika kept a wide smile and didnt let anything bring her down. The following 6 months lead to prove Tamika’s true strength.

April 17th was Tamika’s last chemo treatment and her next step is surgery- Tamika has offically knocked cancer OUT! To document this, Tamika agreed to a family photo shoot where she would bare her (beautiful) bald head for the first time in photos and for all the world to see.

HOWEVER, her friends and family had something else in mind. Little did Tamika know she was in for an emotioanl roller coaster. Towards the end of our “family” photoshoot, which included her children and sister, i pulled Tamika aside. I took a few photos of Tamika with her back turned to the Blue Bridge. Little did she know, dozens of her friends and family were walking the bridge in “Tamika” t-shirts to bombard the shoot and to show their support.


Emotions were high. Friends, family, and even strangers walking by at the time felt the overwhelming love that was shown that day.


I would like to THANK YOU Tamika, Kori, and everyone for letting me be a part of this beautiful moment. Tamika’s strength is inspiring and her story is just as beautiful as her.

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